We would like to thank all the presenters for contributing to the Qatar University Foundation Program’s Second Annual International Conference & Exhibition in collaboration with TEFL Qatar held on January 18th-19th, 2017 at Qatar University.  Featured are some presenters that volunteered to include their workshop and materials to TEFL Qatar.

Susan Britton
Susan is a technical coordinator at the Qatar Aeronautical College."Encouraging extensive reading - A discussion of why and how"QATAR TESOL EXTENSIVE READING TEACHERS

Shaimaa Shemeis
Shaimaa, originally from Egypt, obtained her degrees in the UK (University of Cambridge; University College of London), and has worked at QU for 6 years. Her research interests center on how best to facilitate students’ language development. She currently works at Qatar University as an English Language specialist."Categorizing, understanding and reducing written grammatical errors"Shaimaa Shemeis Presentation
Wendy Brendzy
Wendy is an EFL instructor at the College of North Atlantic in Qatar. She is a MEd TESOL graduate from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. "Online classroom tools and review games"Online Classroom Tools and Review Games - Qatar TESOL
Atef Elbatal
Atef is an ESL Teacher at Mohammed Bin jassim Preparatory Independent School for boys. He is a certified Microsoft innovative educator master trainer and expert. "Flipped classroom using Office Mix"Office Mix Presentation
Office Mix Hand-out
Ahmed Suleiman
Ahmed is an ESL teacher who has worked in Egypt, Bahrain and Qatar for over 15 years. He graduated in Tanta University, Egypt in the year 2000. He has, ever since, been seeking to experiment with new methods for enhancing ESL teaching and learning. He currently teaches at OBZ Prepatory Independent School."Integrating social media for ehancing students' writing"Ahmed Suleiman Integrating Social Media
Jessica Westbrook
Jessica is a lecturer at Qatar University."5 websites to engage your students"Prezi Presentation - Jessica Westbrook
Tony Waterman
Tony has been a CELTA / DELTA trainer and an FCE, CPE and IELTS examiner. He holds a certificate, diploma, Master’s and doctorate in TESOL. He is currently a teacher trainer and ESP course book writer in Muscat, Oman. He currently works at the Royal Air Force of Oman.
"Producing tasks for the classroom"Presentation producing tasks

Additional info for TEFL Qatar website 100217
Raeesa Mohammedin
Raeesa is an Educational Supervisor (English Department) at the Department of Educational Supervision in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. "Creating motivated speakers"Creating motivated Speakers

Speaking cards handout
Ryan Brendzy
Ryan is an EFL instructor at Qatar University in the Foundation Program and the Webmaster of TEFL Qatar. He is a MEd graduate from the University of British Columbia, Canada."Using artwork for reading"Artwork Summary 2017

Using Artwork for Reading
Alejandro Cespedes
A conscientious DELTA and MA qualified English teacher with a keen interest in professional development. Alex currently teaches both General and Technical English at Qatar's Aviation college. He also does freelance examining at the weekend, alongside attending a range of both online and face-to-face TEFL conferences. His particular areas of interest are EAP and TBL. In the past, Alex has taught in Spain, the UK and Kazakhstan for a range of organisations including International House and the British Council."Tackling speaking as a skill through task-based learning"Qatar TESOL 2016 Proposal
Session plan
Handout 1 - TBL quiz

Handout 2 - Speaking quiz

Handout 3 - Character examples

Handout 4 - Functional phrases

Pic 1 - Hot air balloons



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