#5 – December 2017

Andrea Banicki, Qatar University

Neil Morris, Qatar University

“Extre-meme-ly Engaging: Memes for Classroom Interaction”

On Saturday, 30 December 2017 at the Ministry of Education, Andrea Banicki  and Neil Morris will present and explore using memes in the classroom.   Participants will receive practical, easy-to-implement classroom activities using memes as fun and engaging material for linguistic interaction. Presenters will share their own experiences using memes in the classroom, several ideas for participants to incorporate memes into lessons at any level, and demonstrate how to create memes with free, user-friendly resources.

Teachers are constantly challenged to devise new and engaging lessons that are relevant to students yet practical for accomplishing a lesson’s objectives. Memes, a genre of communication containing short text presented with a graphic image in order to communicate often humorous or ironic realities of present-day life, are a convenient internet phenomenon that is especially familiar to today’s digital natives. Memes can also be carefully woven into language instruction in a meaningful, effective manner which facilitates language acquisition and fun while learning.

This presentation will provide a new way to see memes as more than a reflection of social or cultural phenomena; it will demonstrate how they can be used effectively as a student-centered teaching tool for cooperative learning in the language classroom. The session will give participants several different approaches to incorporate memes at all levels, from beginner to advanced, into lessons for vocabulary, grammar, and higher-order thinking skills. In the end, participants will walk away with fresh ideas to keep their students engaged and entertained in the classroom while making demonstrable strides in English language acquisition.


Andrea Banicki: 

Andrea Banicki is from the United States and holds an MA in Language Teaching. She has taught English as a Second Language at various universities around the U.S. and is now in her third year of teaching in the Foundation Program Department of English at Qatar University. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and traveling the world.

Neil Morris: 

Neil Morris is from the United States. He is an instructor at Qatar University in the Foundation English Department. He holds an MA in TESOL and has taught TESOL for the past 13 years in Bolivia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. He enjoys traveling and experiencing all the world has to offer.


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