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Conan Kmiecik, Qatar University

“Employing and Adapting Tabletop Games in the EFL Setting”

On Saturday, 21 October 2017 Conan Kmiecik, from Qatar University will present TEFL Qatar workshop #3 at the Qatar Aeronautical College.  The workshop is entitled “Employing and Adapting Tabletop Games in the EFL Setting”.  Despite the proliferation of video game consoles and online apps in today’s entertainment market, tabletop games remain popular and, more importantly, played by enthusiasts seeking face-to-face social interaction, non-digitally-mediated mental stimulation, and kinesthetic amusement. Some might say that, in the United States, tabletop games are currently undergoing a renaissance of interest with game developers trying to satisfy the robust player demand for the next Zombie Dice, Munchkin, or The Resistance.

While enjoyable to play, many tabletop games require players to problem solve, strategize, and negotiate in order to be competitive and have the possibility of winning at the game. Initially, these games serve as extrinsic motivators, but as players become more invested in the game, they become intrinsically motivated to do well.  Thus, a well-designed game can serve as a tool to promote higher level thinking skills, and in the case of L2 students, an opportunity to practice the English language.

In the English language classroom, instructors are continually searching for supplemental activities and materials that will challenge but motivate students to use the language.  The presenter believes tabletop games have a great deal of untapped potential for use with L2 students. During this presentation, the presenter will discuss tabletop games that he evaluated for classroom use. Additionally, he will provide “low or no cost” ideas for employing or adapting elements of tabletop games for pedagogical purposes

Bio: Conan Kmiecik has worked in International Education in the United States for the past 10 years, having served as an ESL instructor, an IEP coordinator, a short-term language program developer, and a SEVIS advisor (DSO/ARO). He possesses a dual Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Winona State University. Originally from the State of Wisconsin, this is his first time teaching in the EFL setting.

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